Photography is the art and practice of capturing and preserving images using a camera or other photographic equipment. It is a creative medium that allows individuals to capture moments, express emotions, and convey stories through visual representation. Photographers utilize various techniques, equipment, and artistic choices to compose and capture images that evoke different moods, convey messages, or showcase the beauty of the subject matter.

Photography encompasses a wide range of genres and styles. Landscape photography captures breathtaking vistas and natural environments, showcasing the beauty of nature. Portrait photography focuses on capturing the essence and personality of individuals or groups, highlighting their unique characteristics. Wildlife photography documents the wonders of the animal kingdom, showcasing the behavior, diversity, and beauty of wildlife species. Street photography captures candid moments and scenes from everyday life in public spaces, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of urban environments. Additionally, there are genres such as fashion photography, documentary photography, architectural photography, and many more.

Pakistani Cheetah

The Disappearing Act Cheetahs in Asia

Introduction Across Asia, the once majestic cheetah has disappeared from almost all of its range. These swift and graceful creatures, known for their incredible speed, once roamed the vast expanses of land stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula in the north to the northern shores of the Caspian Sea

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